Why Us ?

We continuously offer high-quality safe products at the best price

Because excellence has a title!
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The ancient roots and the fertile ground has the utmost importance in building, advancing and moving forward, because of that (ZMC) mother company due to its long experience in the field of import, export, and shipment to and from most countries, which is the main source and vast knowledge that was credited for the birth of (URUK) derived from its professionalism in dealing and experience in the method of work, however, it has taken its way and independent personality so that it can go along with the Turkish market.
Because international trade is an opportunity for growth, the company provides the most important things that matter to the customer.

– Providing all solutions for import and export, customs, clearance, transactions until it reaches the receiving point.
– Provide remote tracking service through the Uruk application
– Export management
– We offer a payment service after receiving the shipment or selected product.
– Shipping responsibility ( Sea, Land, and Air ).
– Provide fast shipping service AND Offer door to door service



Our vision & Our goals


Our customers can be assured that the excellence and merit of the company make them receive the best products and services at competitive prices.

Integrity develops trust, which is the essential pillar of a successful business.

Our credibility in our field and dealings pushes us to a permanent commitment to helping our customers increase their sales opportunities and revenue.