Airport Handling

Our Airfreight service is very distinctive, whether in terms of service, price, or speed.

We deal with the customer with absolute transparency, different from the treatment of any company, our client is completely free to choose the shipping type or the type of lines and this is through several options that we offer him.
The first thing the customer thinks about is speed, the speed of arrival of his goods
This pushed us to take it as one of our top priorities and working on a short time every day without exception, except for public holidays from the point of receipt of goods.
The customer receiving a notification message from our team before the goods arrive at our stores he will be received the goods with all the details from (weight, number and amount requested), if no reply is received from the customer on that day he’ll be contacted directly to inform him about the arrival of his merchandise, and it is awaiting for him to pick it up.

We are also finding all solutions to tripping and the obstacles that always happen to the clients, and this is through the integrated service that we provide to him by offering a complete integrated service, whether in terms of export or import in general, where the process as follows: (after receiving the goods, they are counted one by one, examined, classified and defined their type and value are they liquid or solid goods, are they sensitive and fragile?
and knowing the most suitable shipping method for them, are they rechargeable by air, sea or land then covered according to their type and sensitivity in distinct and safe ways, especially expensive and precious goods and the goods that are susceptible to breakage to ensure that it reaches its owner as it was sent, as well as the process of paying cash and other services).

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