About Us

About Uruk Cargo Company …


Since its foundation in 2019, gained a strong reputation for providing reliable service for suppliers and customers, and this was built through our constant innovation, maintaining our loyalty and our constant commitment to serving our customers who have needed solutions that have exceeded their expectations, Whether in terms of storing products, ensuring distribution, or customs clearance, Uruk Cargo will always make an extra effort to ensure that your products are in safe hands at all times.
Derived its experience from a rich and varied experience through the mother company ZMC. And with a promising ambition and giant steps with a name who has his marketable reputation and credibility in the world of import, Export, and shipping to (Iraq, China, Emirates, Germany, and Turkey) which made us enjoy a resonant reputation that has its weight and commercial credibility in the market


Provide the necessary resources and efforts to prepare all possible options and and help you to choose best option in order save you effort and cost


Shipping has become a major and an important factor for any business success ,So your choosing a distinct company like us is a key factor for your success



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Your goods safety is our first interest and that what all our clients noticed in all transactions, our specialists using the last and most modern technologies to keep all shipments in safe.

The trust that we built from our starting point with our customers makes us proude with all of our achievements and we work hard to keep that bridge between our company and our customers

We believe that honesty is what make the world better and maintains relationships, and that what we Keen to in order keep our relationships strong with our customers

The transparency are obvious in our deals, and that what makes our customer depends on us in all their choices because they believe that eventually they can see all parameters that will control their transactions.